The secret of VERA DE NERO Cashmere

The focus of the VERA DE NERO team is to maintain only the very highest standards of creativity, quality and innovation. We have chosen the finest high quality cashmere to manufacture our products in Florence, Italy. 

 VERA DE NERO cashmere garments are easily recognizable by their touch. Lightly touching the surface with your fingers reveals our unique and unmistakable softness. Behind the extraordinary tactile experience lies tradition, creativity, and passion.

The “secret” to the quality and prestige associated with VERA DE NERO cashmere mainly lies in a unique selection of raw materials that work in harmony with our high standards of craftsmanship, technological manufacturing approach, and modern design. 

VERA DE NERO’s cashmere yarn is obtained from baby cashmere fibres, with a gauge as low as 13 microns.

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